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Al's Seafood Bisque from Al's Soup Kitchen, NYC recipe
Bean Stew (Santa Maria) recipe
Amish-Style Chicken And Corn Soup recipe
Bean Stew with Fennel and Tomatoes recipe
Another Garlic Soup Recipe recipe
Beef And Barley Soup recipe
Ark Soup recipe
Beef and Cabbage Soup recipe
Armenian Barley and Yogurt Soup recipe
Beef And Vegetable Soup No. 1 recipe
Arpagyongy Kremleves (Cream of Pearl Barley Soup) recipe
Beef and Vegetable Soup #2 recipe
Asparagus Soup recipe
Beef Burgundy recipe
Asparagus & Sesame Chicken Soup recipe
Beef Carbonnade Soup with Spatzle recipe
Asparagus and Sesame Chicken Soup recipe
Beef 'N' Barley Vegetable Soup recipe
Asparagus Soup #1 recipe
Beef Ragout Country-Style recipe
Asparagus Soup #2 recipe
Beef Stew, Pressure Cooked recipe
Asparagus Soup (Zuppa Di Asparagi) recipe
Beef Stewed in Cranberry Chutney recipe
Asparagus Vichyssoise recipe
Beet Borscht recipe
Autumn Chicken 'N' Dumplings recipe
Biersuppe (Beer Soup) recipe
Autumn Rarebit Soup recipe
Big-Batch Lentil Soup recipe
Autumn Squash recipe
Bird's Nest Soup recipe
Avgolemono Soup (Egg and Lemon Soup) recipe
Biskuitstreifle recipe
Avocado Curry Soup recipe
Bisque De Cribiches (Freshwater Crayfish Bisque) recipe
Avocado Soup with Radishes and Cilantro Cream recipe
Black Bean Soup #1 recipe
Bacon, Cabbage and Pasta Soup recipe
Black Bean Soup #2 recipe
Baked Beef and Vegetable Soup recipe
Black Bean Soup Spanish Style recipe
Bakoy Highwaymen Style Soup recipe
Bluenose Strawberry Soup recipe
Barley Broth with Chicken recipe
Boerenkass Soup (Dutch Cheese Soup) recipe
Basic Broth (Brodo Di Carne Mista) recipe
Borsch recipe
Basle Flour Soup recipe
Boston Clam Chowder recipe
Bavarian Herb Soup (Krautlsuppe) recipe
Botvinia (Cold, Green Vegetable Soup with Fish) recipe
Bay Scallop Stew recipe
Bountiful Black Bean Soup recipe
Bean and Beef Soup recipe
Braised Lion's Head in a Sandy Pot recipe
Bean Soup From Tuscany recipe
Bread Soup recipe
Bean Soup Veneto-Style-Pasta E Fagioli Alla Veneta recipe
Broccoli and Swiss Cheese Soup recipe
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