Florida Coleslaw (Florida Cooking) recipe
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Timings & Yeildings
Prepration :
Cooking :
Total :
Yeildings: 4servings
Direction and Ingredients

1/2 Head (3/4 to 1 pound)-


3 ea Onions or scallions with-

-tops, sliced very thin

1 1/2 ts Dried dillweed or 2 tb-

-minced fresh dill

1/2 ts Salt

1/4 ts Freshly ground pepper

3 tb Red wine vinegar

2 tb Vegetable or olive oil

1/3 c Mayonnaise

Shred the cabbage fine with a sharp knife or in a food processor. Cut out the core; this is the cook's bonus if it is sweet, discard it if it is bitter. In a medium-size bowl, combine the cabbage with the green onions, dill, salt, pepper, and vinegar. Toss lightly, add the oil and mayonnaise, and toss again. Cover and chill 1 hour before serving.

FROM: The Florida Cookbook, by Jeanne Voltz and Caroline Stuart. Typed in by: Ronnie Wright

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