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Direction and Ingredients

--------------------------------CATE VANICEK--------------------------------

10 Chicken wings (yield 20


1 Egg white, slightly beaten

1/3 c Cornstarch--mixed with:

1 ts Baking powder

Peanut oil for deep frying


1 ts Five-spice powder

1/2 ts MSG (optional)

1 ts Salt

1/2 ts Sugar

1 ts Rice wine

1 ts Soy sauce

Discard wing tips. Cut between joints. Remove the smaller bone of the lower wing. Cut skin loose around the small end and push skin and meat up to form drumstick.

Marinate wings for 1 hour. Add egg white. Coat wings evenly. (Using egg white to coat the wings will help to seal the juice inside the meat. Hence the meat will be juicier.

Dredge wings in cornstarch mixture. (Using cornstarch and baking powder helps to make the outside layer crisp.)

Deep-fry for 3 minutes. Drain. Let cool.

Deep-fry once again right before serving. (Deep-fry the first time to cook the meat and seal the juice in the meat. The second time to make the outside crisp. Make sure the oil is very hot before you deep-fry for the second time.)

SOURCE: Stella Chan's Secrets in the Art of Chinese Cooking.

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