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Direction and Ingredients

2 cn Green beans, cut

1 cn Wax beans, cut

1 cn Red kidney beans

1 cn Garbanzos

5 sm Onions (or 2-3 big ones)

1 c Sugar

1/2 c Wine vinegar

1/2 c Cider vinegar

1 t Tarragon

1/2 t Basil

ds Black pepper

Drain juice from all cut beans and save. Drain kidney beans and garbanzos; rinse (do not retain juice). Mix kidney beans and garbanzos. Peel onions, slice, and separate rings.

To layer: 1/4 of the onions; 1/3 of the green beans; 1/3 of the wax beans;

1/3 of the kidney/garbanzos. Repeat. Shake from side to side to settle.

Marinade: Of the retained juice, you should have a little more than 2 cups (if not, add water). Add sugar and vinegars. (Can use all wine vinegar instead of 1/2 wine and 1/2 cider vinegar.) Rub spices in hand to break up; stir into juice. "Taste to make sure both sourer and sweeter than you want the end product."

Pour marinade over beans. If uncovered, make additional liquid (1/2 water to 1/4 sugar and 1/4 vinegar). Set for 2 days.

Can also add cucumbers, avocado, sweet bell pepper and/or pimento.

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